Associations of Hip at the Milagro Theater, May 2010

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Associations of Hip is a play on demolition and the gods who’ll save us.

The play was produced by the Overturn Theatre Ensemble in May of 2010 at the Milagro Theater.  Written by Diana Stahl, directed by Kristy Dodson with executive producer Joshua Levine.  Featuring Kristin Villanueva*, Sarah Saunders, Lorelei Prince, Will Gallacher, Casey Robinson*, Aimee Jolson*, Patrick Cann, and DJ XRA (aka Alexandra Phipps).

*actors appeared courtesy of AEA.  Associations of Hip was an AEA approved showcase.

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Video: Adam Sauermilch (Video Design), Hilarion Banks (1st Cameraman/Lighting Design), Alex Stikich (2nd Cameraman)

Featured in Video Work: Nick Africano (Dave), David Winning (Eric), Bobby Brown, Lynne Romer, Jessica Kiefer, Erin  Sylvester, David Garcia,  & Sam Horwith.

Street Artwork in Theater by: Quel Beast

Funding & Assistance: Center Stage NY, House of Yes, Backyart, Build it Green, & Tim O’Reilly, crowd funding via Kickstarter.