Problem, Solution, Twerk-lution?

Can’t tell if I love or am scared for Miley Cyrus.  I mean.  I love her.  That performance on the VMA’s was amazing.  Where it gets weird is when you think about her age.  Its weird that a twenty-year-old girl humped a middle aged guy.

That’s weird.  And uncomfortable.  And it freaks me out.  It’s hard because there’s nothing about her that feels like a twenty year old.  She’s wicked smart.  She’s hot.  Not hot in a girlish way, though she’s obviously playing into that.  But she’s hot.   Sexy and in the beginning of that performance she seemed pretty in control of everything she was doing.  And yes exploring and enjoying her sexuality in a pretty healthy and natural way.  Its crazy to say that young woman don’t want to dance around and feel sexy in that way.  I like that.  I’m thirty.  I liked it when I was twenty.  I hope I like it when I’m eighty.  Yes I hope I twerk when I’m eighty.

So what’s the problem?  This has been a big year of female empowerment in pop culture.  And a big part of that is Beyoncé.  She released an album, she directed her own documentary, blew the Super Bowl performance out the fucking water, hires all female musicians and continually speaks to female empowerment.  A lot of that has to do with becoming her own manager and giving birth.  So on the scale of feeling like Girls Run The World, we’ve been doing pretty well pop culture wise.

Then Robin Thicke’s video blew that away.  Here there were young girls.  Young young younger than young girls jumping naked with limp bodies skipping around Thicke.  Then Miley danced around him on the VMA’s and we all started talking about twerking, which is something that was around well before this year’s VMA’s.  Then Miley’s more recent Wrecking Ball video is pretty gross.  Gross in that I’m not listening to her song at all.  A song – which is pretty moving.  What’s more gross is that the director’s cut is beautiful.  She’s an incredible performer and the director’s cut, which is an exact nod to Nothing Compares, is stunning and provocative in its power.  Not sure where the big ball, the crashing through walls and all the licking comes from.  And I can’t help but be freaked out when I see some photos her and video director Teddy Richardson have taken.

I’m not sure what else to say.  I’m a little undone by her.  She’s making some steps that make me go “hell yes!”  And others which make me fear for young girls on the streets.  Especially when Blurred Lines is playing everywhere.  We can’t say that her early Hannah Montana persona was a healthy role model for women or girls.  A well behaved, blonde, long straight haired person hanging out with all white people.  Most of the young character Disney endorses is disgusting.  Disney often asks their young talent to get nose jobs, dye their hair blonde, straighten their curls and more and more and more.  So it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of the young women who come from Disney fame (Britney, Christina, Miley) all go a little “nuts” in the pop world.  Because the image they’ve had to live up to their whole lives is nuts.  But Miley is different isn’t she?  She was smart enough to take time off when Hannah Montana ended.  She was way more famous than either of the aforementioned.  At times she does seem to know what she’s doing.  What scares me is how often she mentions how freaked out she gets when she feels like people aren’t paying attention to her.  Which is where it seems she might do anything for attention, even play into massive misogyny.  It makes me wonder how many women do.

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