Didn’t You Know? We’re Going to the Festival…

Chris Tyler is one of many performers this week.

Chris Tyler is one of many performers this week at Prelude .13

After walking around for longer than I thought I wanted today, my god wasn’t today beautiful??? I came home to read about the upcoming Prelude Festival and how excited I am to go.

Each time I come face to face with a performance artist I am at once inspired and realize how far there is to go.  These folks really grab you in another way.  An old friend of mine (she’s still a friend but now lives in Eugene Oregon and we hardly see one another) used to fancy about how strange it is to be a performer.  That if we were musicians and we were at a party where we said we were musicians and at that party if we wanted to explore our art we could do it by picking up an instrument and playing it.  Of course now that I’m older I realize how ridiculous that thought is.  That’s just avoiding the topic isn’t it?  Each performer has their own sort of way and most actors I know have so much bombastic energy they can’t help but become more of themselves at parties.  So perhaps this is what performers do at parties; become more of themselves.

Still, when watching Taylor Mac or the up and coming Chris Tyler, I can’t help but realize they are questioning everything we may love (or not love) about the performance art.  Isn’t it wonderful?

Not to mention, it’s been a long-term fantasy to create a performance personality like Judy, Bowie, Ru Paul or Gaga.  This other name, other self who is more fierce publically than I.  This person could serve you live performance global realness because she don’t have time to worry about the trifles which so clutter your mind.  She don’t have the time but continue with her rhyme.

On top of everything these performers will make you go there.  Question things you never thought questionable.  Or maybe I just need to go make some soup.  I’ve been running around since 4a.m. today and got home just after 8p.m.  Ready for bed I guess but of course this is first.

This afternoon I was working with the 52nd Street Project and was delighted, again, by the imagination of children.  And also the range of possibility we allow for their stories.  Suddenly a dragon can go and take your friends away before you run across a bridge made of emeralds to drink the powdered potion that makes you a butterfly so you may fly in the dragon’s eyes until it drops your friend.  That’s cool.  Because all of that totally happens.

This is what I love most about performance artists.  The dragons!!!

Often pushed from lack of opportunity or funds or space or time they realize, fuck it.  If you’re not going to let me do a certain thing, then I guess I can do anything.  Since I can do anything won’t you come along?  We’ll need you there to go anywhere.

In other words, go to the Prelude Festival.


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