BARN by Charlotte Miller

A few weeks ago Sanford Wilson, Brian Miskell and I wanted to act in a play.  Charlotte wanted to write a play.  Michael Padden wanted to direct a play.  That play became BARN.  We hope you like it.

BARN is a new play written by Charlotte Miller, directed by Michael Padden with Sanford Wilson, Diana Stahl, and Brian Miskell.

We perform this Monday and Tuesday evening at 7 &9pm.  All performances at Jimmy’s No. 43 (43 east 7th Street).  Email underground to reserve your ticket!

visit the project’s website here

This project sprang from a conversation with Rising Phoenix Rep member Denis Butkus who really kicked Sanford in the ass for not-self producing a play for all of us to act in at a certain theater who was dark for a certain two months.  Thoroughly kicked and simultaneously inspired Sanford reached out to Brian and the two started searching for plays.  Brian then reached out to me and the three of us started reading as many plays as possible, hearing a few out loud, finding several terrific plays but nothing that was quite right.  Then one night after four beers and no more scripts we started talking about reaching out to playwrights.  “What about Charlotte Miller?” I said, since I love her writing and had just gotten a glass of wine with her before meeting up with the boys.

We reached out to her and she was totally pumped and emailed us ten pages of a new play.  We read and loved it.  We reluctantly asked Charlotte if she wanted to expand that play into a full length in a few weeks and she did!  In two weeks Charlotte turned those ten pages to fifty and when she reached out to Michael Padden he enthusiastically said he’d love to direct.  For the last three weeks we’ve been rehearsing in every space we could find, this week we perform in the back of a bar.  This play is BARN, we really hope you like it.

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